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Dependable Water Softener Installation
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Did you know that two types of water flow into our plumbing systems? These types are called hard and soft water and both are used by millions of Americans for everything from drinking, cleaning, and showering to doing the dishes and washing clothes. However, hard water can be the cause of plumbing issues over time if not properly filtered. Thankfully, our plumbers at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. offer water softening solutions to residential and commercial clients in the Springfield, IL area.

Our water softeners help to improve the quality of your home or business’s water supply, turning hard water into soft water that is better for washing clothes, cleaning your dishes, and even brushing your teeth. Don’t settle for poorly filtered water, invest in one of our quality water softener systems today.

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What is Hard Water, & Why is it Bad?

So, what exactly is hard water and why is it not recommended for your home or business? At Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. we are here to educate our clients on the importance of clean and healthy water for you, your family, and your customers!

What Exactly Is Hard Water?

Hard water consists of a variety of minerals including magnesium, calcium, lead, and iron that is filtered differently than soft water. Soft water is what is commonly found in suburban homes and is what is sold in package water bottles. While the minerals in hard water are not harmful, they can impact your plumbing system due to excess buildup and can begin to stain your clothes, dishes, bathtub, and teeth if used for an extended length of time.

How to Tell if You Have Hard Water

An easy way to tell if you have hard water in your home or business is if you notice a white substance forming on the outer part of your faucets, showerheads, bathtub, etc. Another way to test for hard water is to buy a water testing kit or call your city’s municipal to ask about the minerals that are in your water and the hardness rating.

Is Hard Water Dangerous?

Hard water is not dangerous. In fact, it’s great for consumption due to the variety of minerals present, however, hard water for your home can take a toll on your plumbing system, causing it to fail much sooner than homes and businesses with soft water. You will notice buildup on your pipes and faucets and even stains on your clothes and bathtub.

What Can Be Done About Hard Water?

If your city uses hard water, one way to prevent mineral buildup and long-term orange stains on your dishes is to invest in a quality water softener from Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. in Springfield, IL. Our water softeners filter your property’s water to reduce harmful bacteria and minerals, creating healthy drinking and cleaning water.

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Water Softener Installation Services

If you are having issues with your water softener or it has stopped working completely, chances are you will be able to immediately recognize a change in your home or business’s water supply. When this happens, you may begin to notice white film forming on the surface of your dishes and bathroom showerhead as well as light brown and orange stains on your clothes and bathtub. Thankfully, our experts at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. in Springfield, IL is here to inspect your water softener and determine the cause of the issue that very same day. If our technicians determine that your water softener is nonrepairable, we will remove and install a brand-new system in your residential or commercial property all at an affordable cost.

Water Softener Repair Services

Have you been noticing white film buildup on your dishes? Does your skin feel dry and itchy? This may be a sign that your home or business’ water softener in Springfield, IL has stopped working and requires immediate attention from a professional plumber. At Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. our contractors have over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, repairing a variety of water softening systems due to excess buildup or deteriorating parts.

Just like any other plumbing device in your home, without the proper maintenance, your water softeners will need to be repaired and inspected by a professional plumber. Don’t lose out on the benefits a water softener has on your clean water. Call our experts at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. to schedule your residential or commercial water softener repair service.

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