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Garbage Disposals
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Superior Garbage Disposal Plumbers

Ultimate Guide to Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals make our lives easy in the kitchen – that is until your garbage disposal stops working. While it may not be an emergency, not having your garbage disposal inspected, repaired, or replaced may cause serious damage to your drains and plumbing system. Our plumbers at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. in the Springfield and Central Illinois area have over four decades of experience when it comes to performing garbage disposal repair, installation, and maintenance for residential homes and commercial businesses. 

Don’t wait until your garbage disposal starts protruding a foul odor or clogs your drainpipes, call Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. today at 217.525.0001 and receive a free estimate on your plumbing repair or maintenance service.

garbage disposal plumbers springfield illinois
rick ray & sons plumbing & sewer springfield il

Garbage Disposal Benefits

Enhance Your Kitchen with a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are extremely beneficial to have in your home in Springfield, IL. Not only does it give an extra layer of protection to your drainage system by allowing foods to be chopped up before disposal, but it makes for an even easier kitchen cleaning experience. If your home or business’s kitchen does not have a garbage disposal, they are fairly inexpensive and provide peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is much less likely to suffer from a food blockage. Call Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. today and get a quality garbage disposal installed in your home.

Efficient Waste Disposal

A garbage disposal is a quick and efficient way to grind up food scraps, reducing waste sent to landfills and promoting eco-friendly living. It’s a must-have for any modern kitchen.

Better Kitchen Hygiene

By disposing of food waste promptly, garbage disposals help maintain a cleaner kitchen environment, reducing the risk of unpleasant odors and attracting pests.


Dispose of food waste with ease using a garbage disposal while cooking or cleaning up after meals. This saves time & effort compared to throwing away food waste in the trash.

Less Plumbing Issues

Garbage disposals deter food remnants from obstructing drains and pipes, lowering the risk of costly plumbing repairs and improving the efficiency of your plumbing system.

Odor Control

Garbage disposals minimize kitchen odors and diminish the reliance on air fresheners and cleaning agents by disposing of food waste that would otherwise accumulate in the trash.

Saves Cleaning Time

Using a garbage disposal saves time and effort by eliminating the process of manual scraping and cleaning of dishes into the trash by the disposal of food waste down the drain.

Less Pest Risk

By eliminating food waste promptly, garbage disposals help reduce the availability of food sources for pests like rodents and insects, minimizing the risk of infestation in your home.

Higher Property Value

 Homes equipped with garbage disposals are often perceived as modern and convenient, increasing the resale value of your property and attracting prospective buyers.

garbage disposal repair services springfield illinois

Garbage Disposal Repair

Trust Our Skilled Technicians

If you spend a lot of the time in your kitchen, whether it’s for making meals for your family or entertaining during special events and holidays, you have probably relied on your garbage disposal many times to get rid of excess food from plates or meals. When your garbage disposal takes a turn for the worst, you can feel the burden immediately. Not only do garbage disposals get rid of excess waste, but they also prevent your home’s drain from getting clogged and creating a horrible odor from waste sticking to the walls of your plumbing system.

Don’t wait until your drains are in serious need of repair, call Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. at 217.525.0001 in the Central Illinois area for experienced and reliable garbage disposal repair services. We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients as well as free estimates on every job, big or small!

Garbage Disposal Installation

Upgrading Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals serve as more than just a convenient kitchen appliance; they play a vital role in maintaining the functionality of your drain lines and streamlining your daily kitchen tasks. By effectively grinding up food scraps and debris, they help prevent clogs and ensure smooth drainage. However, improper installation can lead to various issues, including frequent clogs, strain on the plumbing system, and potential leaks or pipe damage. Additionally, a misaligned garbage disposal may result in water damage under your sink. It’s crucial to ensure correct installation to avoid these frustrating and costly consequences.

You can easily sidestep these hassles and potential costs by entrusting our skilled plumbers with your garbage disposal installation. Call 217.525.0001 today and experience the perks of having a professionally installed garbage disposal.

garbage disposal installation plumbers springfield illinois
garbage disposal maintenance springfield illinois

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working

Garbage disposal systems are vital appliances in residential homes, often overlooked until they malfunction. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent premature breakdowns. At Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc., we specialize in keeping garbage disposals functioning optimally. Key maintenance tips include ensuring water runs while the disposal is on, avoiding hot water, and cleaning it with soap, vinegar, or baking soda. Additionally, use the reset button if it won’t turn on, never insert hands into it, and avoid placing large food chunks inside.

Ensure your garbage disposal is in top shape with expert maintenance from Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. Call us today at 217.525.0001 to schedule your service and avoid costly repairs down the line.

Learn More About
Your Garbage Disposal

What Should or Shouldn't Go Down

Knowing what should and shouldn’t go down in a garbage disposal is crucial for maintaining its functionality and preventing costly repairs. While some food scraps are safe for disposal, such as soft fruits and vegetables, small bones, and ice cubes, others can wreak havoc on the system. Items like grease, fats, fibrous vegetables, large bones, and non-food items should never be disposed of in the garbage disposal, as they can cause clogs, damage the blades, or even burn out the motor. It’s essential to use the garbage disposal responsibly, following manufacturer guidelines and disposing of problematic items in the trash or compost bin instead. By knowing what to avoid, homeowners can extend the lifespan of their garbage disposal and keep their kitchen plumbing running smoothly.

Things That CAN Go in Your Garbage Disposal
  1. Soft food scraps (e.g., fruits, vegetables)
  2. Small bones
  3. Ice cubes (helps clean the disposal)
  4. Citrus peels (helps freshen the disposal)
  5. Eggshells (in moderation)
  6. Small amounts of cooked pasta or rice
  7. Coffee grounds (in moderation)
Things That CANNOT Go in Your Garbage Disposal
  1. Grease, fats, or oils (can solidify and clog the drain)
  2. Fibrous vegetables (e.g., celery, corn husks)
  3. Fruit seeds and pits
  4. Large bones (e.g., chicken bones)
  5. Potato peels (can form a starchy paste)
  6. Non-food items (e.g., plastic, metal)
  7. Rice or pasta in large quantities (can expand in water and clog pipes)
  8. Coffee grounds in large quantities (can accumulate and create blockages)
  9. Medication
  10. Chemicals
  11. Non-food items
woman cleaning food scraps out of sink, sending some down the garbage disposal springfield il

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