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Sump Pumps
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Top Springfield IL Sump Pump Plumbers

Home Foundation Protection

Whether you have a residential home or a commercial business, it is essential to have a sump pump system that you can rely on when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Heavy storms and excess water drainage coming from your property can cause your sump pump system to fail, flooding your basement and costing thousands of dollars in water damage repairs. When this happens, you can count on our expert plumbing specialists at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. in the Springfield, IL area. We specialize in everything from sump pump repair and installation to backflow testing services to protect your property.

Let us help you keep your home and business dry with quality sump pump services from the best plumbers in Central Illinois! We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services when you need us most. Call 217.525.0001 today to speak with one of our experienced plumbing experts about your residential or commercial sump pump service!

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Sump Pump Repair

Secure Your Basement Investment

Sump pumps are designed to protect your home and business’s foundation and lower levels from excess water buildup that can form after a flood or heavy storm. This water flows into your sump pump system when water levels get too high, while the drainage pipe in your sump pump pushes the water out of the pit and away from your property to prevent water damage and flooding. We know that a majority of homeowners do not think twice about their sump pump systems until it is too late. If you begin to notice that the water levels in your sump pump system are getting too high or water has backed up into your property, call 217.525.0001 our plumbing experts at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. in Springfield, IL.

We provide sump pump repair services to protect your home or business from rising water levels. Get a free estimate on our repair services by scheduling an appointment today! Need help urgently? Our 24/7 emergency plumbing services are available in your area.

rick ray & sons plumbing & sewer springfield il

Common Issues with
Your Sump Pump

When to Call an Expert Plumber

Sump pumps play a critical role in protecting homes from basement flooding by efficiently removing excess water from the sump pit. However, like any mechanical system, sump pumps can experience various issues that compromise their functionality.  That’s why it’s important to rely on professional plumbers like Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. in Central IL. Our experienced team is well-equipped to diagnose and resolve sump pump issues efficiently, ensuring that your home remains protected from water-related threats. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to keep your sump pump system in optimal working condition, providing you with peace of mind during every storm season.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pump failure occurs when it stops working. This can happen due to motor failure, electrical issues, damaged float switch, or clogs caused by debris. Power outages, age, and wear and tear also contribute to the problem. It’s best to have a backup power source to prevent emergencies.

Switch Malfunction

If the switch responsible for activating the sump pump fails to function correctly, it may cause erratic sump pump behavior or prevent water from being pumped out of the sump pit. This issue can arise due to debris buildup, mechanical problems, or electrical issues. If this happens, contact a plumber promptly.

Clogged Intake Screen

The intake screen of the sump pump can become clogged with debris such as dirt, leaves, or small objects, obstructing the flow of water into the pump. This obstruction reduces the pump’s efficiency and may cause it to run continuously without effectively removing water from the sump pit.

Power Outages

Sump pumps rely on electricity to function, so power outages during heavy storms or other emergencies can render them useless. Without a backup power source such as a battery backup or generator, the sump pump cannot pump water out of the basement, increasing the risk of flooding.

Frozen Discharge Line

During winter, the sump pump discharge line may freeze and prevent proper drainage, leading to basement water backups and damaging the system. Prevent this by insulating the line and regularly maintaining the pump. Prioritize winter maintenance to avoid costly clean-ups and keep your basement safe and dry.

Pump Overwhelmed

During periods of heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt, or excessive groundwater infiltration, the sump pump may be overwhelmed by the volume of water entering the sump pit. This can cause the pump to run continuously or struggle to keep up with the influx of water, resulting in basement flooding.

Sump Pump Installation

Upgrade to a Reliable Sump Pump

The threat of water seeping into your basement and crawlspace goes beyond surface issues, jeopardizing vital structural elements and fostering mold and mildew growth. These intruders damage belongings and introduce harmful bacteria, exacerbating allergies and asthma symptoms and creating an unwelcoming living environment. Sump pumps effectively manage water accumulation, mitigating potential consequences. By removing water, they reduce humidity levels, curbing mold growth and enhancing air quality. With over 50 years of experience, Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. is ready to meet your sump pump needs in Central IL.

Our team of specialists will assess your property’s individual needs and advise on the most effective installation method to ensure year-round dryness for your home. Call 217.525.0001 to safeguard your home against water-related risks.

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sump pump backflow testing springfield il

Sump Pump
Backflow Testing

Enhance Your Home's Safety

Backflow is when wastewater somehow gets mixed in with clean drinking and cleaning water due to inconsistent water pressure within your plumbing pipes. When this happens, your main water source is contaminated and can be extremely dangerous, even deadly, to consume. If you notice that your kitchen or bathroom water supply is producing a foul smell or the water is a light or dark brown color, chances are your plumbing may be suffering from backflow. When this happens, it’s important to call your local plumbing experts at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. in Springfield, IL. We specialize in quality backflow sump pump testing services for residential and commercial clients in Central Illinois. After a thorough inspection, our plumbers will perform immediately repair your home or business’s plumbing system to ensure the safety and health of you and your family.

Call us today at 217.525.0001 to schedule an appointment to have your water tested for backflow. Experiencing a plumbing emergency? We offer 24/7 sump pump testing and repair services. 

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Keeping Your Basement Dry

What You Need to
Know About Your Sump Pumps

A majority of home and business owners know that some pumps are a necessity when it comes to keeping your foundation and basement free of contaminated water. However, many of our customers have admitted to not knowing much information about their sump pump systems. While it is obvious that sump pumps help to prevent everything from water damage and mold growth to electrical fires, there are many facts that you must know to keep your home or business safe and dry all year round.

Here are some key facts and tips that our plumbing technicians believe everyone should be aware of before purchasing or upgrading your property’s sump pump:

Location is Key

Sump pumps prevent flooding by collecting and pumping water away from the house. Proper maintenance reduces the risk of water damage and can save on costly repairs. 

Routine Maintenance

Regularly checking your home’s sump pump is vital to ensure proper functionality. Inspect it twice a year, before rainy season, to minimize the risk of water damage. 

Backup Pump

Installing a backup pump is essential for protecting against water damage. It acts as a secondary defense with a separate power source for uninterrupted pumping.

Test Regularly

Regularly test your sump pump’s functionality by pouring water into the pit and ensuring efficient water removal to help identify early issues, maintaining optimal performance.

Keep Discharge Clear

Regularly check sump pump discharge pipe for debris. Ensure it directs water away from your home’s foundation. Prevents water damage and preserves property integrity.

Quality Sump Pumps

When selecting a sump pump for your home, opt for a model equipped with a robust motor and a dependable switch mechanism designed to manage significant water flow effectively. 

Size Matters

Ensure your sump pump is the right size to prevent flooding in your basement or crawlspace. This saves money and protects against water damage during heavy storms.

Address Issues

 If you notice any unusual noises, vibrations, or cycling patterns with your sump pump, call our professional plumbers in Springfield, IL for inspection and repairs.

Inspect the Float Switch

Check and test the float switch regularly to avoid damage and activation issues. Proper functioning is vital as it activates the pump when water levels rise. 

Know When to Replace

Sump pumps typically last around 10 years. If yours is older or showing signs of wear, consider replacing it to avoid potential failures during heavy rainstorms.

Types of Sump Pumps

There are two types of sump pumps: pedestal and submersible. Pedestal pumps have the motor above the basin, while submersible pumps are fully submerged.

Sump Pump Monitoring

Certain sump pumps feature alarms or monitoring systems that alert homeowners against elevated water levels or potential sump pump malfunctions, offering reassurance.

Explore all the plumbing services we offer at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. and ensure your home's plumbing is in top condition.

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