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Your Trusted Outdoor Hose Bibb
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An outdoor hose bibb is most commonly known as a water spigot and gives you the ability to access your property’s water supply from outside your home. Whether you’re looking for an easier way to water your yard or are wanting easy access to water-related activities in the summer, outdoor hose bibbs are a must for homes and even businesses throughout the Springfield, IL area. At Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. we offer professional hose bibb installation, repair, and maintenance services from experts with over 40 years of experience n the plumbing industry. If you’re looking for front and back yard water access, contact our staff today and schedule an appointment. We give free estimates on all of our hose bibb installation and repair services!

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Outdoor Hose Bibb Installation Services

Outdoor hose bibbs are one of those inventions that go unnoticed, yet almost every home in Springfield, IL, and throughout the United States has one either in the front, back, or front and back of their properties. Hose bibbs allow home and business owners to water their lawn and gardens, wash their cars, and even fill up their pool in the summer. If your current hose bibb is no longer functioning, our plumbers at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. offer quality and affordable hose bibb installation services for residential and commercial customers in central IL. We provide a variety of hose bibb fitting and spout options for our customers to choose from, call today and we will give you a free estimate on our hose bibb installation services.

Outdoor Hose Bibb Repair Services

We know how frustrating it can be to go and turn on your outdoor hose bibb to water your garden or fill up your pool, only to find that your spout is not releasing water. This could be caused by anything from a damaged nozzle to a fractured pipe within the structure of your home or business that supplies your hose bibb with fresh water. When this happens, be sure to call your local plumbing experts at Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. in Springfield, IL for reliable and affordable hose bibb repair services. We inspect your outdoor hose bibb to determine the issue so that you can get back to your chores. Call our shop today and request a free quote for your outdoor hose bibb repair service.

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Common Hose Bibb Issues

If your home or business’s outdoor hose bibb is not running as well as it used to or you have had one for decades but have not kept it maintained, a variety of issues can arise that require professional assistance. Not only can certain problems with your hose bibb affect your water bill, but it can even flooding in and around your property if not taken care of right away. Don’t wait until you have a major issue on your hands, call Rick Ray & Sons Plumbing, Inc. for quality hose bibb maintenance, repair, and installation services in Springfield, IL.

Here are some of the most common problems that can occur with the outdoor hose bibb that you should be aware of:


Our winters in Illinois are brutal, and even hose bibbs do not stand a fight against below-freezing temperatures. Your spout can freeze, causing damage to your faucet and plumbing lines. Make sure to detach your hose before the winter to avoid damage!


Leaks are one of the most common issues that come with any faucet, even hose bibbs. If you have a crack in your plumbing life or your valve isn’t tightened properly, your hose bibb can begin to leak and cost you hundreds of extra dollars on your water bill.

Broken Handle

A broken handle may not seem like a major issue, however, without a way to shut your water valve off leaves your hose bibb much more susceptible to bursting. Call our experts for inspection and repair services on your outdoor hose bibb.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure may be a sign that there is a leak or break in your hose bibb’s waterline, or that there is some type of obstruction in your pipes that is not allowing the proper amount of water to get through to the spout. Call us for pipe inspection services!

No Water Coming Out

If your handle is not broken but no water is coming out of your spout, this is very likely a serious issue that could be caused by a blockage or complete break of your water line. Be sure to call our experts as soon as possible if you believe that your water line is in jeopardy.

Faulty Pipes

Faulty pipes connected to your hose bibb can create a mixture of the issues mentioned above. It is not possible to tell if your hose bibb’s piping system is the issue without proper inspection, so be sure to call and schedule an appointment or if it is an emergency, call our 24/7 plumbing hotline.

Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Hose Bibb

While almost all of your traditional hose bibbs are known for being extremely low-maintenance, there are still a few small maintenance tips that we recommend doing to ensure the lifespan of your hose bibb and overall plumbing system. Below are a few tips on the easiest way to avoid any major plumbing issues with your hose bibb: